Going the Distance: A Mom’s Steadfast Support of Her Teen’s Dreams


The courage to make tough decisions in parenting. The risk to tread an unknown path. The love of seeing your child connect to and exploit their full potential. The joy of beating all odds to achieve a worthwhile goal. The story of Joyce Murigi in her fast-paced new book, “Going the Distance.”



Going the Distance

Joyce Murigi

Moms are gifted with tenderness. They’re also faced with tough choices every day in their efforts to build strong families and raise kids successfully. It’s both an exhilarating and daunting experience that can also be emotionally draining. And often, moms – just like dads – are faced with dilemmas.

Going the Distance is a demonstration of a mom’s tenderness and her daring resoluteness in making tough family, career, business and other personal decisions – if that’s what it takes for her son to succeed. Through the pages of the book, Joyce shows us that great achievement is born out of great sacrifice.

The book also contains 7 Parenting Pointers at the end – for both personal reflection and group discussions.

Product Code: PAR6297
ISBN: 978 9966 062 97 0
Trim Size: 14.0 cm x 21.0 cm
Pages: 124
Territory: World
Published 2021

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Joyce Murigi

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