About Us

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Self-improvement is one of the best investments you can make. Your confidence will soar as you learn critical soft skills that will make you the best “you” can be. Booktalk Africa, headquartered in Kenya, East Africa, is your personal development publishing company. We exist to touch people’s lives in significant ways. Our specialty is general books for children, teens, professionals, women and leaders in diverse contexts. Booktalk Africa is among very few publishers in Africa who focus on trade (general) books.

Our Mission

We aim to foster a culture of reading by providing people in Africa and around the world with content that informs, entertains, inspires and transforms.

Lifelong learning

We believe in lifelong learning. Reading is essential for gaining new insights and for personal growth. That’s why we are passionate about creating books that guide readers through any stage of life, at any age. In our books, you will encounter stimulating conversations that will, in turn, inspire reflection and meaningful action. This makes reading personal, engaging and applicable in your everyday life.

Meeting Your Needs

Our products are developed to the highest quality standards. They contain wholesome content designed to be a constant companion in your journey to becoming your best. Our list has books that will enrich your personal life and support you in building healthy relationships. We also have titles that will enhance your skills and equip you in your pursuit of becoming an outstanding leader in your spheres of influence.

All Children Reading

Reading promotes a child’s brain development and imagination. Our children’s storybooks are fun, adventurous, and entertaining. They are intended to spark the curiosity of young minds and stretch their imaginations. The storybooks encourage children to seek more out of books as their love of reading grows. Furthermore, the storybooks introduce children to the core concepts of what it means to be a global citizen. They help explore the essential skills children need to enrich their lives and support their quest to thrive in a more-inclusive and ever-changing world. Most of the storybooks have content that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


You can trust our high quality books for breakthrough ideas that will stimulate your imagination and guide you in navigating the complexities of life successfully.

So, we invite you to come along, to experience our books, to tuck away, read, and to let your imagination fly freely.

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