Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Booktalk Africa welcomes your comments and questions. However due to the amount of inquiries received each day, we have developed this “FAQ” page to answer some common questions. Please read this section for information and directions to contact Booktalk Africa.

Booktalk Africa receives a large number of unsolicited manuscripts every day, of which we may publish less than one percent. Therefore, we no longer unsolicited manuscripts. In some circumstances, we may review a book proposal, see Book Proposal Guidelines.

If you purchased the book was from a bookshop, please contact them directly. If you purchase from our online shop, you may contact our customer service department for assistance in replacing defective products by sending us an inquiry.

Please click here to learn more about our permission guidelines.

Bulk Discounts are available as follows:
  • 20% discount for 10 – 49 units*
  • 25% discount for 50 – 99 units*
  • 35% discount for 100 – 499 units*
  • 40% discount for 500 or more units*
*Please note that bulk discounts apply to quantities of one title. Mixed title quantities do not qualify for bulk discounts.

You may apply for a Booktalk Africa retailer account by submitting an inquiry.