BOOK REVIEW: An Enemy Called Average by John L. Mason

John Mason did not envision that An Enemy Called Average would be what it is today – a bestseller translated into over 30 languages. He made a solid debut. So in case you are not familiar with John’s short and sweet style, he delivers his message in nuggets. The nuggets are 1-2 pages of succinctly captured life lessons. In his own words, “I hate to read books that take twenty pages to make one point.” If you are more versed with his work and style, you know to expect a wealth and depth of wisdom and truth. In this book, John gives us seventy seven (77) nuggets. They outline how to look inward, outward and upward in beating the insidious enemy – average.

This book is:


Incidentally, I have not yet had the privilege of listening to Mason live, but those who have, recount how humorous he is. He employs storytelling – folklore, Bible anecdotes, and his own life – to  illuminate the consequences of mediocrity. Even more, he inspires you not just to get by in life, but to stand out by fully exploiting the gift of God in you. He presents as the sage older brother who wants to see you succeed. Also, this book also works well in a team setting, among friends or the workplace. Consequently, it’s been reputed to elicit insightful interpretations of the nuggets.


Truly, we all know when we are not performing at our best. No?  John offers a road map for finding our path to peak performance and being our best. He warns that the “truths in this book can be hazardous to the areas of mediocrity in your life.” How true. John Mason speaks from experience; he is a husband, father, minister, writer, president and founder of his own company. He has a bunker full of experience and draws from each to deliver practical knowledge to the world.


Widely, An Enemy Called Average is touted as “a source of godly wisdom, spiritual motivation and practical principles.” However, you do not have to be a Christian to understand or be inspired by the nuggets. Besides drawing from the Bible, John also references poets, philosophers, authors, artists, and other leaders, who inject further credence to his own words.

This book will not magically move you from mediocrity to greatness. Moreover, you are required to work intentionally (that is not always easy), consistently. Start your walk to being outstanding.

Book review by Caroline Muinga


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