Publishing Support Services

Why do you need to write a book?

Every person has a story to tell and lessons to share. If you are a successful person, it’s likely that thousands, if not millions, of other people are facing situations that you’ve overcome in your life. Writing your book will give you the chance to share your experience with others. During the process, you’ll have the opportunity to solidify your own ideas, create powerful content that can be used in many different ways, and enhance your profile and that of your business.

If you are a highly successful, highly influential person you can and should write a book.

The benefits of writing a book

1. A book defines you. If you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, an professional athlete, or just have a story to tell, a book will help communicate your values and unique experiences. It will also preserve your legacy and allow you to touch every individual with a personal message about what you stand for and how you got to where you are today.

2. A book increases your influence and the size of your social network. By creating a written narrative and sharing your unique perspective, your ideas will help people, far and wide, grow and in the process, you will increase your influence and the size of your social network.

3. A book is a powerful communication tool. There’s no better way to introduce you and tell your story. As the author of a polished, distinctive book, you get instant credibility as a thought leader in your area.

4. Direct sales can give you a passive income. When you own the rights to your book, you stand to earn money selling directly to readers, in person or online.

If you closely monitor the costs of writing and producing your book and develop a solid action plan for publishing and distributing it, you can realize a big, long-lasting return on your investment even without it being a best seller.

More than anything else writing a book will prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. And we can help you make it happen.

The Booktalk Africa process

Think you don’t have the time or the skill to write a book? You are wrong. Booktalk Africa simplifies and clarifies the publishing process.

No matter what your time constraints, we can tailor a process that will fit into your schedule.

If you are beginning with a rough draft of a book, a collection of presentations, notes or just an idea, we can help you publish a book that will meet international standards of excellence and most important, a book that you will be proud of. Our process includes the following stages:

Project Definition

Introductory meeting with project manager to create a proposal for your project by determining:

         What is your message?

        √ What is your motivation?

        √ What is your market?

Project Execution

If you have no manuscript, we provide writers to produce the book you want.

If you have a manuscript, we will provide editing services including the following:

         High level editing to refine your message

         Substantive editor to smooth your language

         Copy editor and proofreading to correct any grammatical mistakes

Design and Production

        √ We will design the cover and the interior for your book.

         We will produce your book with the best printers in the world.

         We will convert your printed book to an ebook, suitable for every type of ereader.

Marketing and Distribution

         We will determine the distribution scope (national/international)

         We will arrange for your book to be carried by the appropriate distributors.

         We will arrange for ebook distribution with maximum impact

         We will coordinate with sales through your own channels (at presentations etc)


We will work with you to determine the scope of your publicity (national/international).

We will organize signings, review and media appearances.

In addition, we will help you plan how to use the content of your book for other platforms including:

         Training manuals

         Blog posts


        √ Social media products (with social media content expert)