Please note that most of your questions are answered through careful review of the Fair-Use Guidelines shown below. We strongly encourage you to read them before contacting us.

Fair-Use Guidelines

The term ‘Fair-Use Guidelines’ refers to the policies Booktalk Africa uses to determine whether or not you need written permission from Booktalk Africa to produce or publish your work using our copyrighted material. To determine fair use, please carefully review the information below, and if your request falls within our Fair-Use Guidelines, written permission is not necessary, and you may proceed with your project, provided you use a proper copyright notice as indicated below. If you feel your request is not in compliance, or you have additional questions, please fill out this Permission Questionnaire.

  1. For non-commercial (non-salable) use: Permission is granted to quote up to 500 words or two (2) pages from any single title provided it does not comprise 10% or more of your completed work.
  2. For classroom use, small group studies, or other educational purposes with fewer than 25 participants: Permission is granted to copy excerpts of up to 5 pages provided portions are not sold to participants.
  3. For commercial (salable) use: Permission is granted to quote up to 50 words for commercial purposes so long as it is not used for a stand-alone product such as cards, paintings, or other artistic creations, nor comprises 5% or more of your completed work.
  4. These Fair Use Guidelines only pertain to written text and do not include permissions for any use of photographs, illustrations, paintings, maps, graphs, or other artistic/illustrated works within our books. If you are requesting permission for any artistic/illustrated works, you must fill out this Permission Questionnaire.

If your request falls within these guidelines and is a BOOKTALK AFRICA TITLE you are considering, you do not need written permission from Booktalk Africa and there are no fees, but you must apply proper copyright notice as follows:

Some content taken from (Title) by (Author). Copyright © (Copyright Year). Used by permission of Booktalk Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. All rights reserved.


Permissions Questionnaire

Please allow 2-4 weeks for a response. Also, please note that we are unable to respond to permissions inquiries by phone.